KONKRET is a Helsinki-based architecture practice founded in 1997 providing architectural, urban planning, interior and furniture design services.  We are part of Finnish design and consulting firm AINS Group (A-Insinöörit). Together with AW2 Architects, and B&M Architects, we form the AINS Group’s architectural design division.

We create innovative and enduring architecture. This translates as attractive living and working places, tailored to our client’s specific needs, and a high quality built environment. We believe focusing on high quality design is a valuable investment, which helps our clients to succeed. Decisions made at design stage play an important role in determining a building’s future environmental impact.

Our services include architectural and principal design services for new builds as well as renovation and conversion projects. We carry out preliminary design schemes, proposals for amendments to detailed city plans and studies into alternative uses for sites all with the aim of creating a vibrant and attractive city and environment.

A digitalised design process improves the management of information and costing of the different stages of the life of a building. We work with building information modelling (BIM), which enables us to compare different options effectively and cost-efficiently.

We are committed to the goal-oriented development of an environmentally responsible approach. We measure our success in achieving these goals in our own operations and in our customer work. We comply with environmental requirements set by the authorities and our clients, but we also understand our opportunities that go beyond these requirements to impact on the cleanliness, safety and ecological sustainability of built environments.

We recognise the potential we have to affect the environment and society throughout the entire building life cycle wherever we act as experts. We measure, monitor and improve our ability to create a positive impact with the help of the environmental handprint indicators we have developed.

We support and challenge our clients in the setting and achievement of environmental targets. Motivated employees with a passionate approach to their work are the most important assets in applying and developing environmental responsibility.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of environmental systems to raise the level of environmental protection.